New York, The Beautiful #15

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New York, The Beautiful #15
With nicer weather, comes more activities and social gatherings. On top of work and other shenanigans, it is always wonderful to find a lovely place to just relax. Behold ladies and gents; The Williamsburg Waterfront.

Also known as “East River State Park”, the Williamsburg Waterfront boardwalk stretches from North 5th to North 8th streets and meets the actual park, which is located near North 9th and North 10th streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From the boardwalk, you can see Midtown Manhattan as well as the Williamsburg Bridge. Although there aren’t any soothing waves forming in the water, you can tune in to some Yanni, stretch out on a bench, and enjoy the afternoon sun 🙂

New York, The Beautiful #15

New York, The Beautiful #15

New York, The Beautiful #15

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